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Wona Sanana Association (WS) is a Mozambican non government organization. “Wona Sanana” is a combination of words in the main national languages meaning “To See, To Care and To Protect the Children”. WS was officially constituted in 2003, as a result of the transformation of the Wona Sanana Project (1998-2003) into an autonomous and non-profit and Non Government Organization; currently the organization´s particular focus is on Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE). 

In order to operationalize its mission and materialize its vision, WS has as its global goal to ensure that children, particularly in early childhood, are defended  at all levels,  to enable them to fully enjoy their rights, specifically their right to protection and education.

By creating this page, we intend to provide access to systematized and updated information about WS and its program interventions, thus serving as an opportunity to share materials, products and services offered by WS to its programmatic and cooperation partners; it is also a space to share results of research, lessons, experiences and good practices on joined efforts to improve the quality of education, care and protection in Mozambique.

We expect that this space will contribute to creating new partnerships, as well as to strengthening those that already exist always having in mind the interaction between WS and you, dear visitor.

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